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Health Information

The Crow Creek Tribal School is working diligently to maintain a safe educational environment during all the COVID-19 and Variant situation.   We have our mask mandate in place, shields around the desk, lunch is served in the classrooms, students spacing is maintained as well as can be in the classrooms, janitorial staff is sterilizing on a constant basis throughout the day and doing a thorough sterilization at the end of each day.   We are constantly working on our re-entry plan and COVID mitigation plan to maintain a safe educational environment with our COVID task force.  

We also had a mandatory staff testing to make ensure student safety from staff after the long Labor Day weekend with the results being 140 staff tested and 140 staff tested negative.   Any staff that would not test are not allowed in the building as we want to keep all staff and students as safe as possible.  With staff coming from many different directions and areas, the school will continually have testing days to maintain a safe environment.  

I do fully thank all parents for their help as well, all situations that have arose were self-reported or caught in a quick amount of time to not affect our school setting.  I can assure all parents and guardians that if any situation ever arose that affected your child(ren), you would be notified immediately so please disregard rumors and hearsay unless you hear from the school.  We do appreciate knowing of possible situations though so that we can investigate and confirm the validity and level of the concern. 

Lastly, parent and guardians please help re-affirm that masks are needed on the bus and at all sporting events so that we can continue to maintain the educational safety we so strive for all children and staff.

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