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Available Positions

(2) Bus Drivers

Dorm Matrons and Patrons

Substitute Teachers


Equine Wellness Specialist

Certified Positions 

Middle School Language Arts

Elementary Title Teacher

(2)  5th Grade Teacher

4th Grade Teacher

Information Technology

Middle School Principal

2nd Grade Teacher

3rd Grade Teacher

Middle School Social Studies

High School Science


Please look at applying for these positions.  Per BIE guidelines, any employee must complete a background check and a UA drug test along with a completed application.   If anyone has any questions, please call (605) 852-2455 and they will get you in touch with Terri Marks, Human Resources Director.

Please call 605-852-2455 for more information!

Come Work with Us

Join the Team

Resume's can also be sent to:

Fax: 605-852-2669

103 Chieftain Rd Stephan,SD 57346


Thanks for submitting!

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