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Phone Number

 605 852-2747   or   605 852-2737

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The Dormitory is open, but is not accepting new student applications at this time.

 Dormitory facilities are available for students 7th-12th grade. Both off-reservation and local students may reside in the dormitories. 

News and Announcements

 The school is allowing all on and off reservation students to attend as long as the student is fully vaccinated and has a negative COVID test prior to coming to Crow Creek.    

The dorms will have a maximum of two students per room on the boys and girl’s sides.  The school still has a mask mandate regardless of vaccination due to the COVID Variant. 

The dorms will open on August 12 for all athletes of Volleyball, Cross Country, and Football.   All other students will be able to enter the dorms on August 26.   School will begin on Monday, August 30, 2021.  All students entering the dorms must have an approved and completed application.

Countweek in the Crow Creek Tribal School – Dormitory begins Sunday, September 25, 2022 and ends October 15, 2022, at this time the dormitory will not be accepting any “off-reservation students,” until 2nd Semester begins.  During “countweek” we are asking Parents to please refrain from “checking out their child(ren) during this time.

Please check back later for updates!

For Enrollment Contact:

103 Chieftain Road Stephan SD 57346



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